Reality Bites
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2002-02-19 22:45:25 (UTC)

"Uh I need to see Ang.."

Ok, WOW, today I was in Math class and I had called my mom
to pick me up at school, but she wasnt supposed to be there
til lunch so I just went to class. I had my head down on my
desk and was sleeping when I hear, "Uh, I need to see
Ang..." I was popped up and turned around and it was this
HOT HOT senior! Lol, I looked like total shit and I turned
red and he's like, "Get your stuff hun, you're going home"
I was like, "Ok:):)" Oh Jeez, it was bad! Oh so funny! I'm
home sick right now, I'm going to bed so I'll write later

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