Mysterious Attitude
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2002-02-19 21:39:30 (UTC)

Monday Feb. 18- Tuesday Feb. 19, 2002

*Time: 3:43
*Wearing: my cowboy looking jeans with a red T-shirt
*Jewelry: the usual
*Hair: down with a band holding it back
*Listenin to: tha tv, me typing, and my mom sleepin lol
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day: Big Pimpin- Jay Z
*Weather: Sunny,cold, rainy etc
*Talking to : no one my away message is on
*Mood: all of the above
*Thinking: Eh... did I write bout going to Wal-Greens??


I'm not quite sure what happened on Sunday but I think we picked up
Erica and went to Walgreens. If that is the case, we picked her up
went to Walgreens then headed back home to chill. My mom went to take
Erica home at 8 but her car tire was flat, so Erica had to call her
mom and her dad picked her up.
Later that night I was bored, So I decided to play a trick on Ryan.
I went under my AIM name and acted like sumone else. I told him I was
a 16 year old female from Hammond, long dark brown hair with light
brown highlights, 5'7, hazel eyes, contacts, and 130 pounds. I said
that my name was Angel. Anywho... I gave him my uncle's cell phone
number and told him to call. I was talkin in this really high pitched
voice, which later caused my voice to go out lol. I found out that he
don't consider me as his ex gurlfriend or anything. Grrr..... I told
him who I was and he said that he sorta knew that but wasn't sure. It
pissed me off tho!! Eh.. but who cares I never really liked him
I think I went to sleep then.... I dunno tho lol.

@-{-Monday-{[email protected]

I woke up sorta early on Monday to the sound of my pager going off.
It was Dj again! I called her back like an hour later but there was
no answer. So I just got online read sum mail then called Chris cuz
he was pagin me like crazy. He had just got up (it was 2pm!!) and he
was horny out of his mind. He kept wanting me to have phone sex with
him but I told him no. My mom pulled up sumtime during the time I was
talkin to him and she got pissed cuz she wanted me to go with her but
I wasn't ready. Eh.... so I got off the phone with Chris so I could
take my shower. When my mom got home she was still pissed cuz I
wasn't ready yet. I wanted her to take me to see Lydia but she got
all mad and shit at me. We got into this big fight that didn't go to
well. I ended up crying and being upset for like an hour or so.
After I chilled out my uncle took me to see Lydia! Hehe she is
sooooooo beautiful!!! I never knew sumone could be so angel like! I
gave her what I got her, and she hugged me 3 times. I then left cuz
she had sum work to do.
When I got home I went with gram for a joy ride. We headed towards
Michigan City. I tell ya there is sooooooooooo many stores, fast food
joints, hotels, and other stuff up there!! Me and gram didn't get
home until 9 that night. It was sooo fun tho cuz she actually let me
listen to the radio!
I got home got online until Midnight, then went to my room did sum
crossword puzzles and went to sleep.


I didn't go to school today cuz I had a doctor appointment. I got my
lazy ass up at 11:00 am and got ready. Hehe my doctor is sooooooooooo
hott!! It shocked me!! I think I'm in luv lol. Anyway he did a check
up on me and stuff and sent me to tha hospital for sum blood work and
a sinus x-ray. (which may I add I hated!) So I should be gettin my
results in a few days. I just got home a lil bit ago and here I am.
Joe just came here and he had this pimp look going on lol. He looks
hott tho!! Anyway I guess I shall go cuz I gotta do my homework and
clean my house cuz its starting to look pretty ghetto lol. So bye bye
4 now talk to ya l8er

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