Vanilla Moon

Pen, Parchment and Hope
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2002-02-19 21:26:53 (UTC)

I Want...

I want...
I want to be a writer, but I cannot write well.
I want to be a singer, but I cannot sing a note.
I want to be immortal, but I cannot drink life's blood.
I want to be remembered, but I am not known.
I want to find happiness, but I know not where to find it.
I want to dance among the stars, but I cannot dance well.
I want to swing from the moon, but I am afraid of heights.
I want to swim with the dolphins, but I am afraid of water.
I want to be loved, but I cannot love.
I want to be alive, but I am already dead.
I want to sleep under the stars with the birds singing me
to sleep and the moon keeping close watch over me, but I am
afraid of being alone.
I want to be alone, but I am afraid of being lonely.
I want to be me, but I know not who "me" is.
I want...

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