Dale B. Sorry

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2001-05-01 14:48:31 (UTC)

another blink of recent history

Welp, this weekend was really cool. Met a buncha old
efnet'rs (I don't do irc anymore really but I do hop on
once in a while to shoot the proverbial shit with a few
people). Covenant and And One were awesome live. I haven't
felt energy like that at a show in a long time. my calves
are a tad sore from jumping up and down like a retard for 3
hours or so but it's all good. Few is the band that
actually sound better live than recorded. Covenant
definitley falls into that category. Their were a lot of
what I would assume to be adlib backing vocals with really
cool distortion.
All the people I met down there were really cool,
except The people working at [email protected] were all
assholes. I don't know why all concert staff feel the
incessant need to be fucking nazis. I swear some day I'm
gonna walk past a club having a show sometime that I'm NOT
attending and beat the crap out of the bouncer and since
I'm not attending, the getting kicked out part isn't a
concern. I'm a pretty big guy (6'3 225), it has it's up's
sometimes, I can really ruin someones day if I want. I
don't actively go looking for fights but if you barhop
enough you tend to find em whether you want to or not.
I shouldn't be talking like that though. I had a great time
there, that was just one fragment of negativity.