Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-02-19 20:46:04 (UTC)

Thoughts spoken out loud

Hmm... Ive like been looking around at new diarys, and
theres a common theme. I think this page is cool, its
simple, all you get are the facts of your life no pretty
colours, and people are all like this is so boring.
*shrugs* Maybe I have mental issues.

Okay, I do have mental issues. But we wont discuss
that. ;)

*The sounds of ashley in the background* Yeah shes
complaining cuz she had her socks on the computer stand and
that grosses me out so i knocked em off and she came to get
em and the dog was layin on em. Then she complained about
all the things she hates that i do. *is that silence I
hear?? Nope, just the wonders of NFG...*

NFG so doesnt suck. If they were a christian band, they
would be my favouritest band ever. But theyre not. *wipes
away a tear*

So sue me. Im in a relativly decent mood. Compared to
usual. :-D O:-)

Anyhoo, *burp*. Ewwie. That didnt taste good.

I havent been able to eat lately, for like, the past 3 or 4
days. Im blaming it on the fact Im sick. Lol.

Wheres my man?

I have a funny feeling and it sucks.

Matt, I love you baby, i miss you so much. *BIG HUG*

Huggles, marie, i love yaz too, and all my buddies out