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The Silver
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2002-02-19 20:34:31 (UTC)

Where did I misplace my brain?

I'm not sure the last time my brain had any part in what I
do. It might have been the time that I decided to take
impossibly hard courses... oh wait, that had nothing to do
with me thinking. That was basically me tripping and
falling, and then waking up in a college-level logic course.
That was bad... On second thought, my brain has never had
any say in what I do. It became miffed a few years ago
because it was constantly being overruled and it stopped
trying. Sometimes I miss it... But there are plenty of other
things still here not the least of which are the four or
five alternate personalities. They're rather annoying at
times. Especially when they talk to each other in class and
people stare at me strangely. Bu then people would do that
even if I wasn't arguing with myself over whether the plural
of asparagus should be asparagii. It makes sense. Radius/
Radii. Other Latin words do the same thing. All except
asparagus. Asparagus is trying to cheat. I'm not about to
let it. Ha Ha Ha. I have a guitar lesson tonight. Logically,
that would mean I should be pracitcing now. But, like I
said, my brain is gone and I've never liked thinking about
things logically every since I had to go through that scary

I don't know why it's called "The Silver". I'm just special
like that. I'll think of what it means later. I always do
that. Just sort of write something into a book and then
later come back and say, "you know, what? This is
symbollic!" And then i end up being proud of myself.

Tee Hee! Random telemarketer! I love telemarketers. They're
so much fun. The last one that called me started asking me
what sort of long distance plan we had. I said "I'm sorry,
we don't have a phone" and hung up. I used to pick up the
phone with "Would you like to try AT&T's ten cents a minute
plan?" Some of them would hang up... some of them would be
confused... but then someone from AT&T called me. And when I
said it he said "I was going to say that!" And I said "Well,
too bad. I said it first! Ha Ha Ha!" and hung up.

I'm going to go eat dinner now. Then maybe I'll practice
guitar just because.

Ralph the Wonder Llama

"A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." - Gandalf the Gray