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2002-02-19 20:30:25 (UTC)

*sigh* again

i talked to sam on the phone last night. she told me she
was already going out with kyle. i asked her why she
couldnt just break up with him, and she said that she ahd
to stay with him for one week so she and her friend kerry
could get into a party. huh, i dont know why she cant just
send kerry with kyle and not even be involved, but she sadi
she has to stay with him until next tuesday. i want her
back soooooooooooooooo bad. she was crying, which kind of
makes me feel like she is telling the truth, but i still
dont see why she has to date him for one week? it scares me
bad because even though she says she wont, she could still
end up liking him more than me, and then forget all about
me. that is why i wish she would jjust end it now. she said
she was sorry for what she was doing, and she wished she
hadnt, and she really loved me. but the way i look at it,
if she loved me as much as she said she did, she would be
able to dump this other guy and not even think twice about
it. i dont know, she started crying and got off the phone
with me, but im going to pick her up at school and take her
home. hopefully that will give us some time and ill be able
to see if its the truth or not, its not that i dont believe
her or trust her, its just hard when a girl dumps you
without warning and then IMMEDIATELY starts to date another
guy? maybe i am over-reacting but we will see. i will write
you later tonite after i have had a chance to talk to
samantha, and then i will tell you if i believe her or not.