No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-19 20:30:01 (UTC)

this garment dumb act for today

I took a stress test, the outcome wasn't good. over 200
points is way over stressed, I had 415. I need to calm
down! I always worry, have unexplained stomach/headaches,
blush or sweat more than usual in social situations, have a
hard time sleeping or nightmares, problems with a teacher
(nothing to worry about,I freaked out over a B, I want all
A's so I canhave a good job) taking advanced placement
classes, do after school activities that take 10 hours, new
siblings, and my parents divorced. Want to put more stress
on me? j/k. I love you guys.
I'm worried about a couple friends of mine (no names
mentioned) one tried hyrting themselves, and I already
wrote that person an e-mail and they told me they are doing
better. I still worry, I alwyas will. Another friend of
mine hates life. I've been there and it isn't a good place,
it brings hate and mental probalems. That person could
question living, smoke, drink, etc. I have done soem of
those before, not a good place to be. You know? Probably
not. I'm worried about that person though, I just wish I
could see them and tell them everything is ok and make sure
they're fine. Things mean more when they are said face to
face, eye to eye. I'll be patient and hope, and pray, for
the best.
My dumb thing to do for today. I don't know if you've ever walked and
not been paying attention then your foot hit the corner of a wall. If
you have, you know it hurts like crazy. I did that, with just socks
on and the top of my pinky toe hit it hard. The skin is hanging off,
it's rather gross. I can;t wear my sneakers or boot or anything, just
sandals. It kinda sucks. lol. go me! I'm STUPID!
"The mad hatter,he waits for Alice, to come to tea again"
~Marcy Playground
"For child's safety, grament shoudl fit snugly. This garmetn is
flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch
Isn't that a happy tag to put on clothes?

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