hello kitty cat
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2002-02-19 19:54:12 (UTC)


This morning I woke up to my cat mowing...cause she's in
heat. So I go downstairs and talk to my Dad, only to find
out he forgot to pay the gas bill, so we had no hot water
for showers. I was going to go to Katy's to take one but my
Dad wouldn't drive I ended up taking a REALLY cold
shower.I ended up being super I'm in English. I
did get to sleep until 10 though...(we're having half
days)....Jason and I talked about the world's
kinda got me down. I can't believe how things are in this
world...why must everything be so corrupt? I gave up on
being pissy about Joselin and the rest of my friends. Shonee
comes this Thursday, it will be good to hang out with him
and Alex again. Something just feels right about the 4 of us
together. Even though today is a half day it feels like it's
dragging on forever....I decided I'm going to fast during
spring break...ick toxins.. bleh. Evil. I'm done writing
...I have noting constructive to say.

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