Book of Shadow and Light
2002-02-19 19:23:41 (UTC)

School sucks.

Hiya, how goes it?

Well, again, I haven't really made any entries. Heh.
I guess that I just forget, or when I do think about the
journal I just deliberately forget about it. In any case,
I am here now.

Sitting in school AGAIN. I guess I get all
introspective or whatever when I am at school. Actually,
when I'm at school I feel very limited in the amount of my
true self I can show. I'm my self, but at the same time,
I'm not. I guess that's just how things are with me. To
me school represents everything I hate about the world. By
my very nature I am an anarchist (though of my own
specialized type) and school just represents the
government. School is basically the heart of the
government to me. If you are still reading my entries then
you will know what I mean without a lengthy chaotic
explanation. In any case, when I write that is me... that-
this--is me. I am myself in my words when I can't be
otherwise. I guess that's why most of my entries or other
writings are done, or began during school. I can't wait to
get out of this place.

Well! I've bored you long enough! No reason to drone
on any more. So....
'Till the Morrow and Goddess Bless
James (Drinin)

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