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2002-02-19 17:48:39 (UTC)

I am hurting

I have been suffering in silence, my legs and my hips are
just hurting to the point that feel they are going to fall
off. But besides that I think I have fallen for someone
that maybe he will not be good for me. Not that this person
is not good, but he has a busy life with his work friends
and life in general. I have been with him for about one
month now and I wish and hope that he is thinking about me.
I see things that drive me crazy, such as this past weekend,
A male friend has the hots for this female person that we
know, well in reality we don't know her at all. I believe
this girl has mental problems manic depressive. It has to
be, she is up one moment and down the next. She cries for
nothing for the reasons of unknown. Anyways, this guy that
is crazy about her but she is so into herself she is an
attention seeker she needs all the guys to think that she is
beautiful and wonderful, but really guys look closer at her
she is not something you want. I know of about three to
four gys that would love to get in there and trust me she is
seeing someone else and stringing the rest along. I wish
that I would love to be with more then what I am getting to
see people get hurt because one guy in her past took her
cherry does not mean the rest should be played. Grow up!

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