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2002-02-19 17:46:11 (UTC)

miss my mother

im just about to go to Baguio but i think i miss my mother
already :( ...and i dunno why is that? ill be stayin
there for about 5 days to witness their so-called "flower
festival" on the 23rd together with my college friends.

while in the taxi on my way to work (nah im in the
graveyard shift again) i just dunno why i miss my mom that
quick and started thinking the "what if's"

what if i already had the chance of working abroad? oh
well...i will surely probably miss her and my whole family
even if im just in the airport...eversince, i am really
eager to work abroad and to be away from them but i am, geezzzzz.....

what a ......


1:47 AM