Lizzy 8oP

2001-05-01 06:58:49 (UTC)

Dear Diary: Today my day has..

Dear Diary:
Today my day has been really exhausting and I have only had four hours of sleep since Saturday morning when I woke up at 5:30am! I really need some sleep, im planning on flying out to Spain at the end of this week to go visit my grandmother, I really do miss her the last time I visited her was 3 years ago. Im also traveling from Spain to London with MaLiz (that's what I call my grandma, and yes we have the same first name) to visit my cousin Anastasia and my Aunt Marie, I haven't seen them since they came to visit me last year for my sixteen birthday (my cousin is one day older than me). I really can't wait to see London and Spain again it feels like I haven't been there in ages. Im also happy that im getting to see my boyfriend Brian tommorow, I have missed him so much diary, that's too bad he lives in NYC, because even though I spent my time traveling from SoCal to NYC I feel I never get enough time to spent with Bri (I luv you Bri *smooch*) but the good thing is that he is here until Friday so at least we will spent some time together until he leaives, plus I don't go to school, I have a tutor so I get to spent even more time with him :). My mom approves of my relationship with Bri even though he is 21 and turning 22 in August. He is the fully attentive boyfriend and the most sweetest guy I have ever, but I mean EVER met and not to mention he is also very romantic (Im sure your enjoying this Bri ... lol), but the funny thing is that he is almost a foot taller than me! He is 6'1" and im 5'3" so it's kind of funny when we kiss, because I always mention to him im going to give him back problems somewhere in the near future, but hopefully he will still love me :). Im not thinking of marriage yet diary even though Bri wants s to get married as soon as I turn 18, but I really don't want to get married so young im still 17, and I want to live my late teen years and early twentie's, I will probably marry someday but if I do I want to get married after I graduate from a University as a Marine Biologist. Well, today I had to finish my last high school project ever! Yay im so happy I only have 5 more weeks of school and I graduate high school! Class of 2001*has the biggest smile ever*. Well I've been thinking about if I really want to go to Hawaii Pacific University, I mean I already got accepted there , but sometimes I feel I should take sometime off and persue my singing carrer, I feel I have put it on hold since my sophomore year in High School after my mom got really sick for the first time. I probably will take the time off like a 2 year break. I don't feel im behind in school or nothing since I was a Advance Placement student when I was attending regular high school, and im good in Calculus and Chemistry AP, plus I think I really deserve this time off. Well right now im listening to my favorite group in the world the Backstreet Boys, Oh Lordy do I love those guys and their music, specially their music. I have been a fan for so many years diary, since November 15 or 16 of 1995, been to 7 concerts, going to 3 more this summer and never meet BSB can you beleive it! The closest I have been to them is 10 to 15 feet away from them from the last concert I went in March 18, but oh well hopefully I will get to meet them someday, that is if I don't die of being immpatient! Well I really have to go now diary, it's almost 12:00 am and I have to wake up early tommorow. ~ Lizzy ~