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2002-02-19 11:43:10 (UTC)

into the night

it's 3:20 as i type this, just reclinging, listening to the
sweet sounds of yellow, from coldplay.. heater turned up.
relaxing. so relaxing. makes me want to sleep. don't want
to sleep.. _O i write funky poetry. i'll go look and copy
the poetry here, because it's spooky. it's spooky, but i
love it. i've become ill, aren't i thrilled.. sore throat
and coughs. some sneezes, and a runnystuffy nose. in all
this miasma of mine, i poop out these poetries for you:

"it's my turn to fly
there is 26 knives
on my wall
i dropped the one
in my hand.. will
it die? did it live?
the blood was saved,
slits were wristed
wastes were lived
destroys were dreamed
and all in between, you
were standing there,
calm as a gale"

-notice that a gale is not calm

if it were all just
why is it returning
to haunt me?
to ridicule me,
play games with
my mind, like one
sick, cruel joke..."

-not quite poetry..

"sweet dripped in sickness
walls consisted
slits were wristed
26 knives on my wall
and 1 in my hand
eyes of red, bloud punding
cracks and paper break in two
maybe for me, and not for you
75 antioch came to talk
blood puddles everywhere
and nothing wanted to drink"

-notice the repeating ideas. i like the third the best.

whee... no melodramatic prose for you to-night.. you've
been spared. yee~ look what i posted at eo to-day!:

I'd like to think I love them, whether or not they kick me
out of the very house I grew up in or not, or feed me,
because we all know that eventually, should I say anything,
CPS will get them. XD
Speaking of how they affect my life and not any of the
essential factors I get from, I loathe their very
existence. Their presence is hideously repelling. I do not
like their physical appearences, for both are overweight, I
do not like there smile, their gestures, et cetera. I do
not like the way they think, and I hate the way they are
towards me; hypocritical. I hate hyprocrites with a
passion.. Though we all seem to be hypocrites ourselves
(all humans are, undeniable), I hate them and cannot stand
them, and therefore, I cannot stand my parental unit. If
ever I get my own comic book or something to my liking that
needs for dedication, my parental unit would not even cross
my mind to imagine on a list that would only sum up for a
better one."

i don't like them...

"Wheee, posting this at.. *looks at clock*.. 3:01 AM.. And
I kid you not.. What do I do? Well, at present, I have
multiple projects that I'm working on simutaneously. Did
you know if you repeat simutaneously many times, it doesn't
seem like a real words anymore. Isn't that fun? Speaking of
churros, I also do that. Be innovative in my mind, and
sometimes I take it to my art and draw some pretty crack't
drawings. ^^; Sometimes I'll just surf the Internet if I've
got it.. Or.. I'll just listen to music and turn up the
heater and be a fuzzy snuggle bunny."

i wasn't thinking completely.. letting my mind wander. XD i
think that sounded funny. you?... bah.. i'm feeling icky
now.. physically and mentally.. this evil head cold.. _
my insomnia.. _ not like i want to go to sleep or


-ended at 3:42 am

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