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2001-05-01 05:41:03 (UTC)

I got the Hook UP!!!!!

Okay well I haven't written here in a few days since on
Friday our office went to happy hour and eventually we
ended up at Margarita Rocks just me and my boss!!!! We
talked for awhile then he finally kissed me!!! We kissed
and made out all night...Neither of us drove...ran into my
bro but decided to go home with Denis (his cousin picked us
up)instead...We made out all night and it was very VERY
nice...I didn't have sex with him because I want this
relationship to work and I ended up telling him bout my
hair but still don't have the nerve to show him and he's
nervous to see it so I'll wait...It's just so hard to spend
the night in that damn wig!!!!It is soooo fucking
uncomfortable!!!!! Well we ended up staying in bed until
5:30 PM on Saturday...then we brought his dog to my house
we picked up Casey(my dog) and took them to Dog Beach and
let 'em run around awhile...then we brought them back and
we went to Old Town Cafe for dinner with his cousin and her
boyfriend...After dinner he came over and we watched a
movie until I fell asleep...he woke me up aroud 2 and told
me he was driving home...Well I woke up at 11AM to a phone
call from Denis and he wanted me to go to a bar-b-q with
him so he picked me up and we went to the barbeque...stayed
a bit then went shopping..He had to get some things at
Strouds for his bedroom and we went to Tower Records and
each got a CD(I got "Smooth Grooves" and he got some House,
Trance shit...He is a doll!!! I am so smitten!!!We then
went to an outside bar in La Jolla and had a couple glasses
of Merlot!!!WE were both so buzzed and having a great
time...then we went to the store and got another bottle of
Merlot then stopped at Baja Fresh to eat dinner and brought
it back to his house...Watched the Sopranos and Clares
Faulk or whatever the gay show is called(It's good though)
on HBO...ythen we went to bed but ended up making out til
about 3 am..neither of us could fall asleep...He had his
fingers in places I wish his dick was but all in good
time..wanted to give me head but still don't feel
comfortable wierd considering...if I didn't give a
shit I wouldv'e fucked his brains out..I wanted to ride
that cock sooo bad!!! But I controlled myself...ended up
telling him why I didn't feel comfortable yet and my eyes
starting tearing and I couldn't stop them...was kinda
embarrassed but explained the hair sitch and he understood
(I'm sure as much as you can if you don't pull out your
hair yourself).When we have sex I want to be TOTALLY
relaxed...not with that tight-ass wig and shit cutting off
the circulation of blood to my
Well I spent the night until this morning we were supposed
to be at work at 9(well he is the boss so he can be in
anytime but I am supposed to be there at 9)Well we didn't
even leave his house til 10 and then he dropped me off at
home to get ready so I didn't get to work until 11:30 and
had to pretend for him, that I had a Doctor appt..Well he
kept telling me when no one was around that he wanted to
kiss me and how pretty he thinks I am...I told him if he is
full of shit I'm gonna beat the shit outta him!!!Strangely
enough I don't think he is full of shit...HE said he feels
stupid saying this already but he gets butterflies in his
stomach like he's in Elementary school with his first
crush...says he's a little scared that we won't end up
being long term because that's what he wants...Told him I
did too...I just had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't
dreaming!!!Fuck!!! I want this man bad!!!!!We'll end up
moving in together and/or getting married I just have a
feeling about it. We are so much alike it's scary.He
doesn't want kids though and I'm not sure if I wanted them
or not but now it's a little scary to think that I don't
have a choice...well as long as I can have my animals!!!
And he's buying a Bmw(and I normally don
't date guys who drive them because every one of them I've
met is an arrogant MOFO)and wants me to help him pick it
out and will get an Automatic transmission so I can drive
it!!!That is so sweet...he always opens the door for me and
he treats me like a princess...I feel like I've died and
gone to heaven!!! The only slight disappointment is that
his dick is a little on the small side.DAMN! Guess you
can't have your cake and eat it too!!! But it is not gonna
be a deal breaker because I like him too much...It kinda
freaks me out how serious it's getting so fast but I can't
help it...Well if things change or something new comes
about I'll keep ya posted!