punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-19 10:25:07 (UTC)

my ear!!!!! ouch

today the ent doctor had me come in at 5:00 pm to have a
look at this little bump on my ear thats been growning.
well two hours later he cut my ear open(after a million
sticks with the numbing sirenge) and cuts the bugger out.
then he says he's gotta leave this piece of gause held in
place with stiches for a week. yea thats gonna look good
on stage. then he is coming at me with this 4" bandage like
he is gonna wrap it around my whole head. i says " look
doc the open wound/gause is one thing, but i'm not gonna
look like "m.a.s.h." for a week. get real for a sec". so
the nurse just wraps my ear about a thousand times with a
small wrap. so this is coming off when i get home from
rehersal. also he makes me 15 mins late for rehersal
with "go long". i hate being late. hate it!!. so here i am
listening to another band i'm gonna do shows with
called "pardon my french". mike on guitar and sharon on
drums. oowww!!! girl drummer my weakness. i think i now
know all the girl drummers in L.A. sharons cute just not my
type and i have learned my lesson. don't fuck any band
members anymore. right!! it just never works.
it's been cold latley. just pierced my nipples four days
ago and they still hurt. yup i finnaly got around to doing
that now that i'm retired( at my young age, i know, i know)
gave up fighting and slaming in the pit. never wanted to
get them ripped out before so i'm safe now. we'll see.
elizabeth called my today but i couldn't talk, when i
called her back she didn't answer her phone. she is so
hard to get a hold of sometimes. she is my tattoo girl and
good friend. such a cutie!!! also she is a fellow bass
player. i got a two page list of things to do, so i'm gonna
work on that now.

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