De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-02-19 09:56:52 (UTC)

Yummy Sushi

Tuesday 19/02/02

Work was rather frustrating today..i got stuck at some
problem which i cant solve...fortunately..nigel and sheldon
provided some assistance and i'm on my way again! : )

the weather has been excellent lately...we suspect that
summer may have been delayed...and we've just experienced
autumn instead : P

ben and amber popped by in the evenin... and gave me
sushi!! was yummy...amber looked so different
after the summer..she's become rather serious suddenly,
instead of the zany gal i knew 4 months ago... hmm... maybe
it's the work that's makin her more mature...had a good
time catchin up..

one thing we all agreed is that time has sneakily crept
passed us.... so we're plannin to do more things together
b4 we all had to seperate.... lookin forward to that!!