Ämberz lil wonda land
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2001-05-01 04:54:51 (UTC)

oh sue me, i like this thing,hehe:)

ummm,..yeah hiya , if only i had something to write about
hmm,this entry last nite was just a lil bit too short so i decided to
just write in it now
you know,once in a while i just sit down and think about the shit
thats gone on in my life .to tell you the truth most of it seems like
just a crock of shit then once you think about it, end up
telling your self you took something or someone for granted.
yeah it just happened to me thats why im talking about it now,
just before i was thinkin bout all the shit ive been through with
guy1 and guy2 ,....guy1 never really cared,and i dont expect him
to,maybe im wrong and in his own way he does but theres nothing that
i could see,..but then every time we talk i end up changing my mind.
then theres guy2 i think im gonna end up with him,i hope this is
worth half the battle.ive been tryin for a few days now ,but then
every time i end up with the nerve,..something comes up and one of us
get distracted,so im just waiting for him,now i guess its his call
again thats gonna count,...
well gtg,
bye bye

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