Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-02-19 07:03:26 (UTC)

a WHAT machine?!?!!

Today, on a boring, cold Monday night my dear friend JeG &
I drove around town looking for victims for her new Fart
Machine. I'm not kidding. It sounds lame but damn it was
hilarious. It's this little speaker box with a remote
control and you can hide it anywhere..push the button and
it makes a pretty real sound. We are both 21 years old and
we actually drove all over the city to find this thing..she
spent $15 and my GOD it was worth it. LOL. Anyways, we
managed to sucker a couple of the coffee shop,
the mall & a guy we know who we just happened to run into.
JeG put the box under my seat in the car and when KyF got
it we had him going for a few minutes..he was actually
disgusted and embarrassed...just the response we were
hoping for. Once he caught on to us he laughed his ass off.
Other people just gave us surprised looks...imagine, two
pretty young LADIES walking down the mall just letting them
rip left right and center. I laughed so much tonight it was
great. Well...what do YOU do on a Monday night??? Come on!
It's cheap entertainment. Anyways, ya....we've got big
plans for JeG's new Fart Machine. Hours of sheer enjoyment!

Rop & JeE's wedding is on Saturday. I haven't heared back
from D, he told me he'd call me before the big day but I'm
prepared to be stood up. Whatever, it's not a real date.
I'm really looking forward to the wedding regardless of
going solo or not.