Online With Patrick D. McCormick
2002-02-19 05:22:02 (UTC)

2/19/02 12:16:27 AM TUES MORN RADFORD VA

I told Kerry I would have a hard time sleeping last night,
I predicted nightmares and I had them all night long. It
may be good for me though; I hardly ever recall a dream.

It was warm again today. Even as the sun went down I did
not need a coat outside. I woke up early this morning to
check my mail; I got the mixer and some cables that I
ordered last week. I cannot wait for the rest of the stuff
to come in.

I went out to C-burg and B-burg today with Kim to purchase
some frames for some photography I was going to enter into
the Bondurant Art Gallery next week. When I got there, I
decided instead to buy some canvases…I had some ideas for
some painting yesterday that I might try to submit.
Overall I am painting or doing art for me though, not some
gallery. Galleries just help add to archived achievement,
which is good…it’s actually great…but It’s not the meaning
of art.

I ate alone this evening. I have had a wisdom tooth
bothering me all day. If it’s not one pain it’s another, I

The rest of the day was about getting schoolwork done.