my life and thoughts
2001-05-01 03:05:36 (UTC)

all i can do is laugh .,. haha omy ..

look dr dre u did say my life is perfect I got it right in
my ur are so low its great haHAHA u need to
get a life if anyone .. i mean really .. .. and just to let
u know im likr 105 lbs and sure as hell not ugly ,,i dont
know .. u tell me .. did u mistaken me for urself .. if u
did im sorry .. o well .. just fuck off for all i care
because .. u dont boter me at all.. i look at it this
way ,,if some one dont lik eme .. uh they can kiss ,my
well thats all for right now later ..
oh and drdre why dont u be a little more considerate and
actually send feedback to help ppl instead of criticizing
bye bitch ..