down in my eyes
2002-02-19 05:00:17 (UTC)

Don't stop inspiring me

Cuddy took me to buy some ice cream yesterday. Yum. I
love my cousin.

"Be the one i need, be the one i trust most, don't stop
inspiring me. We work so hard to keep it going...
Don't let me want to give up"
-No Doubt

I miss him deearly. I miss his voice,...
I wish i could call him and yell at him, for not letting
me be the one. for not understanding how substantial he
truly is. But.. only in my dreams, shall that happen.
Besides,... wut he doesnt kno, wont hurt him.
annnd ME.. he atleast wont be able to hold it against me,
and hate me for it. Hate me for treasuring him.
But i'm sorry...
I can't help who i like. I like him.... soo much..
Too much.

"It'll hurt too much for me to watch you die.."
-Saves the day

ok. maybe not DIE,. but.. to watch you..love another.
to belong to another.

Would you hate me, if you knew how precious you are?

I'm sorry. but i cant sit here and watch you forget me.
Please don't stop inspiring me.... i need you