a rop through my mind....
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2002-02-19 04:33:50 (UTC)


ok, so writing everyday isnt' my strength, i'm just not
used to it yet, but i'm getting better about it.

i'm only 20 years old but already my body hates me, my
knees and back specifficly, i'm too young for this.....

today was yet another mundane day.....4 classes before
noon, a bad ajunct (like a person highered to teach one
class, usually not a teacher at all) who frustrated me at
his bad explanitions (they were wrong!!!) that i said
something in class, actually i corrected him, not nice, but
good god!!! at least know when you write x=m by (it's
susposed to be y=mx b, in standard math terms) that the
slope of the line is 1/b...and TELL your class that, not
tell them that the slope is b, CUZ IT'S

ok, yes i'm a nerd, but it's fuckin anoying when you know
more than your profesor......

blah, yeah, that sums up my day, blah, sept for lunch with
mom, it sucked (it's been good to see her, forget how much
i miss my family, and i get to see my sister and my "other
little sister" later this week)....but i can take my chem
test on thursday after lab insead of friday morning.....:)

yeah, my bed is calling me so i'll leave you to your lives,
thanks for the time :)


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