2002-02-19 04:16:39 (UTC)

pick a fight

So what the hell are we all doing here, are we all just
supposed to be misserable? I am, in no mood to deal with
this world, and it seems, my alies have run short, im
walking alone again. I feel lost, and I dont like waking up
in the morning. From the last entry which fell between,
Resa lying to me about meredith, and me crying cause
meredith wanted to be with me, now I just feel stupid, like
im waisting her time, like she doesnt realy like me. Am I
just paranoid? Probrably. Whos to say? I dont like being
alone, I realy dont, im sick of people lying to me, im so
sick of it im sick of the people hurting me, and im sick of
waking up with nothing left to say and nothing left to do
but carry out the day. Im so angry now, I just want to
fight, because I hate everyone, im so lost inside, I dont
like this world becasue it walks all over me, and
everything is gettin too heavy, and its not fun anymore, so
im sorry, about everything, but I dont knwo what to do
anymore, but im just trying to fight back