a little piece of me
2002-02-19 04:10:05 (UTC)

best night of my life

tonight in my great books class, i was thinking (hehe,
yeah, i know...'sposed to pay attention). anyway, in this
silly diary, i've written mostly about the worst days of my
life. there really hasn't been anything about a great day,
so i decided that i will right about the greatest night of
my life. i'm not quite sure how specific i'm going to get,
but just to warn you right now, it might get a little
racey. i dunno yet :)

ok, the best night of my life was december 28, 2001. i
probably should have written about it then, but well, i
didn't. anyway, that was the day that brett got here. he
was supposed to call me when he was a couple hours away,
but because of a mix-up with his bus, he couldn't get to a
phone. his dad called me to see if i had heard from him
yet, and told me what happened. i was going to wait for
brett to call, but then decided that i had best get my ass
to the bus station, just in case he was still on time.
sure enough, i got there, and he was there, already waiting
(i was 15 minutes late...and i hate being late). anyway, i
was kinda relieved because the comotion didn't leave much
room for awkwardness. then, we went out to eat, where i
was a nervous wreck. dinner went by without any major
mishaps, thank god! so, we hopped in the car and started
back towards my parents house. that's when we knew there
was going to be trouble. he put his arm around me while i
was driving, and emotionally i was overwhelmed. we made a
quick visit at my parents house, then headed over to see my
friend ariana for a sec. outside her apartment, we had our
first kiss. it left me weak in the knees. the visit there
was very brief.

we left, only to begin the insanely long and hellish 3 hour
drive back to my place. i must say, it was quite a
challenge to 'make out' and drive at the same time
(heather, don't kill me! we made it here in once piece,
obviously lol). anyway, in decatur, when we got to a red
light, that was our cue to get back to the heavy duty
making out. we were lucky enough to get stopped by a
train, even :). a few times during the drive, i thought we
were going to have to pull over. things were getting
really intense. i so wanted to rip his clothes off right
then and there. i have no idea where the self control came
from! besides, i didn't want our first time to be in my
car on the side of the highway somewhere.

when we got back to my house, we brought everything in from
the car. we went in my room and sat on the bed to exchange
christmas presents. he gave me the prettiest necklace
ever, and a really pretty ring. before too long, things
started heating up again. we turned out the lights. i
took my shirt off and we started messing around...lots of
kissing and groping. he layed down, and i climbed on top
of him. somewhere in there, all of our clothes
disappeared. i was on top for a little while, then we
switched positions a few times. everything was totally
amazing. i swear that was the best sex of my life. after
that, we went on as usual. we made the bed, then layed
down to go to sleep. it was so amazing and felt so good to
lay there in his arms that night, then to wake up next to
him the next morning. that is a night i will never ever
forget. i don't think it's a night that will ever be
topped, either.

i know i've left out things here and there, and it wasn't
as detailed as it could have been, but i think i got the
basics down pretty good. so there, this silly diary isn't
all negativity and my bitching and whining. alright,
that's like 8 miles long, so i'm gonna go. got much to
do. g'night everyone.