Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-19 03:53:07 (UTC)

Well, this is going to be short..

Well, this is going to be short because I still have tons
to do tonight... Today was kinda dull. I put 57 miles on
my car, and 21 on my motorcycle. Rinsed my car, so its now
all sparkly again. I finally boxed up my Valentines
present for Jessica, which my Mom is going to send
tomorrow. I didn't realize all that you had to know to get
a belly button ring! Jeez *head implodes*! So, yeah... I
did try really hard though.
I have a really hard Chemistry test tomorrow, and I don't
understand any of the crap I'm doing. I like need to stay
after school one day and get Mrs. Jenkins to help my sorry
ass! Anyway... I burned a copy of my motocross mix for
Kevin, and he's actually paying me $2 dollars for it! Wow!
Heh, not really but anyway.
Ok, well I have like nothing to say, and I'm tired... So
I'm going to get off and do my homework, and then collapse
into my beautiful bed! ... Its really to bad I'll never
see Steve again... *mourns* Oh well, God does what he does
for a reason... I just don't wanna except that, grrrr...

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