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2002-02-19 03:51:28 (UTC)


Okay, here's the dish,

Today, my friend and I went to get tarot readings.
FINALLY!!! So my friend, Adrianna's reading said that her
life will be full of changes. She'll prabobly move out of
her house and stop being controlled by her mom.(Well she
doesn't exactly control her alot but you know what I mean.)
But overall she is a happy person living in a happy world.
Well, I don't wanna talk too much about my buddy and say
something I shouldn't, so I'll just go on to what my
reading said.

Well, she said that it's a funny thing cause my friend got
one of the best cards in the place that's suppose to
represent her, (the World card) I later got the Sun card,
which is practically the other of the two best cards in the
deck, and it also represented me. What symbolized that we
are 2 very happy people. Well later she said that I'm a
strong person, and I want to live my life fully without
worrying about financial problems and such. Also that my
parents and just people around me in particular think of me
as a dreamer and don't take me seriously. Which is true,
particularly to my dad, and especially mom. They show a
force going against me and the best part is that she saw me
rising through and beating that force. Also that my parents
are holding me back from what I wanna do. Another thing
that I didn't expect was that she saw concern that I have
for an older man, which I think is my dad. She said that we
don't seem eye to eye. Which is true. Thing is that she
said that it is in my near past. And lately I've been
seeing how he tells me a negative comment to everything I
state. Therefore I was concerned that if I tell him that I
wanna be an actress and move out of state to live with my
best friend and two of her male friends, of which one likes
me, he will not take it all that well at all. That is why I
am concerned. Later she told me that I'm concerned about my
career and I'll have it a little hard for the next year or
so. Later it won't be as good as I hoped but it will rise
up to that. After I asked can she help me settle a dispute
between two different careers, Art, and Theatre. She said
it was kinda interesting cause each career was the opposite
of the other. If I go for an Art career, it will be easy at
first but hard when it comes time to make a career out of
it. Theatre will be hard at first but eventually it will
pay off.

Overall, she told both of us to not let other people
influence our decisions. So I've made my decision there and
then. I wanna go to Callifornia, be roomies with Teresa,
Mark, and Andrew, and study Theatre!!!

So Teresa, if you could, could you tell me about some
Theatrical Colleges?


P.S. She also said I was talented and I was flattered. That
I can do alot of things at the same time, and pull it off.

P.S.S. I've been testing my psychic abilities and so far
I'm quite in tune with it. Chow!!!