The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-19 03:42:29 (UTC)

VD and the Weekend

I know it's late but this is my valentine's day schpill. I
guess on one hand it was nice to be ok with being of the
non-relationship persuasion,but as anyone who is single
will tell you...VD sucks w/o someone to share (or share
your misery). However, I did have a great time renting
horror movies for Valentine's Day (my new tradition). I
watched 'My Bloddy Valentine' on VD and it made me feel
great (how sick is that??). Anyway i am in the final
countdown of being able to be off this damn sexual sobriety
contract (23 days til i have 6 months of no sex or
drugs)! It is still hard. I crave coke and sex at really
weird times. I went out this weekend to a gay bar with my
roommate. It sounds corny typing it out, but i had two
major steps this weekend-1)i went to the bathroom alone and
2) i danced sober. Going to the bathroom alone is huge b/c
usually at these places the majority of the people go to
the bathroom in packs either to do drugs or to have sex. i
usually went to the bathrooms to do both. Dancing sober was
a huge step simply because i have never done it and i
didn't even know if i could or not. I had loads of fun! and
sober no less. who knew?