my crazy life, check it out...
2001-05-01 02:04:36 (UTC)

I'm back

Hey there peeps, I haven't gotten to write cuz I am busy
working and seeing Tim on the weekends. But I do want to
thank lily for sending me feedback. I am glad you are
keeping in touch with me:) thanks. I haven't been up to
much. Oh about the whole bracelet thing, well.. listen to
this. I was getting ready to go and buy another one and
then my sister came into my room and dangled it in my face!
She had found it in our driveway while she was cleaning the
car! I was so relieved. I mean who wouldn't be!!? haha. But
I did end up telling Tim though. I kinda didn't want to
because he thinks that I absolutely hate the stuff he gets
me, and I don't. I just can't wear jewelry alot cuz I work
and where I work at, I could get the jewelry lost. He
always seems very self-conscious about stuff like that. My
prom is this saturday. But I am not going. I kind of regret
not wanting to go, but I know tim doesn't want to go and
spend all the money again. Plus, he doesn't like hanging
around my friends all too well. Well, only Natasha, cuz she
talks about the past too much, like exes and stuff. I can
see why he don't. But I love her regardless. Has anyone
else had a friend like that?? She gos on and on about her
past bf's and mine, and the trouble we used to get into. I
mean those weren't all to happy memories i am talking about
and she is trying to share those with my man?? But I don't
really talk to her much. I guess she is finally settling
down now with rob. Who I haven't met yet. I am unsure of
how to come about to Tim that i am going to hang out with
Darby. I mean, he is only my friend. I am so in love with
Tim it is crazy. But I know Tim would think "Why is she
hanging with him? does she like him now?" I think he would
get that idea because I haven't talked to Darby in a while
and he would think it is odd me hanging out with him now
and us striking up a friendship. I think it is great that
our friendship has outgrown all of the foolish traits in
the past, but Tim might overlook that. I don't know??

I just hope Tim don't get the wrong idea.I love him too
much. I can't wait until we get his whole 6 month leave
over and get on with our lives. I try not to think of him
leaving for the guard. But it haunts me. I think him and I
have something great. My problem is not opening up, in fear
that I will ruin it possibly ya know? tim has a great head
on his shoulders. Yesterday, we looked at land he "might"
buy so when he gets back from the guard he can build US a
house. And I mean US!! haha. My parents wouldn flip!!

Well, i bet you all had enough of me for one day. Those of
you who do read this! maybe just one!! but thank you all.
You don't know how great it is to look into another persons
life and truly find out things. I think it is interesting.
Catch ya'all laterz. Love, Me:)