emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-19 02:35:34 (UTC)



go there. its a webpage. bout me. because im so conceited.
haha OK anyways.

i dont know what to do still.
i had a loooong talk with adam last nite/this morning. it
was a few hours. and i still cant figure out whats going
on. i know i say one thing, but my feelings always change.
and i dont know whats best for me so i cant figure anyting
out. im forever confused. ahh.

and no one can understand what im going through, and i dont
want to bring it up to my friends becuase i dont want them
to think they have to figure out my life for me.

and i might think i know what i want. but then again i dont
know. or i might know, but i dont want to say it. because i
dont want to admit things to people. and im such a nerd.


im sleepy too. so im going to bed.