le soleil et la lune
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2002-02-19 02:26:54 (UTC)

since no one reads anymore

You know, since no one reads these things anymore, and they
aren't the "talk" of the counnty anymore, I could probably
write anything I wanted to, confess my undying love for
someone, or my deepest desires, and no one would know.

So anyway, onto one of the forbidden topics. Lets talk
about sex. I want it. Is there something wrong with me or
my morals. I used to say I wasn't going to anything until
marriage out or shear respect for myself. Then I said I
wasn't going to do anything until marriage because I was so
ashamed of my body that I didn't want anyone to see it.
But now, I suppose my morals have just flown completely out
of the picture. I think that as long as the mood is right,
and I trust the person, and I really do care for them, and
I KNOW for a fact that they aren't just using me the get
some, then it might happen. I've been reconsidering my
standpoint on other sexual acts, so why not reconsider on
sex itself?
Like just being close in general. Maybe it's the tongue
ring, or maybe, I have somehow found myself yearning to be
one of those sensuous females, you know, the ones who just
randomly push any guy they want against a wall, and do as
they feel with them. The ones who aren't afraid to go
after what they want and usually get it. It must be nice
to have that kind of confidence, and I am going to work
until I have it. Maybe I'll discover it this weekend while
I'm in Raleigh. Maybe I'll find it unexpectedly while I'm
at work. Whatever, but I want to be one of those people
that eminates confidence, one of those people that everyone
in the room notices when they walk in.