Ralph the Wonder Llama

The Silver
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2002-02-19 01:41:10 (UTC)

Well, isn't this dandy?

Well, isn't this dandy? Yes, yes it is. Today was a good
day, as far as Mondays go. Except for the fact that I forgot
my Theater Essay at home because I'm just smart like that. I
re-did it in my Math Study Period though, so that's all
right. I had to change the movie it was on because I
couldn't remember any of the details of the one I originally
watched. So I did it on Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of
the Ring. I've seen it seven times (I know, i have no life)
so I know most of the actors names and backgrounds by now.
Possibly my favorite quote ever is when Gandalf says "The
Burned Hand Teaches best". I don't think its in the movie
but it was in the book. Also I was trying my hand at
recieting whole passages of the movie today. It worked well.
Maybe someone who is reading this (hmmm... who except me is
going to read this...)is wondering about my name "Ralph the
Wonder Llama". I'm not a guy, and my name isn't Ralph. Ralph
is my middle name, thank you. Yes, I have weird parents.
Actually in the credits of "Monty Python and the quest for
the Holy Grail" someone named Ralph the Wonder Llama is in
the credits because they're just weird like that. I like
that movie, and all the other Monty Pythons for that matter.
I happen to be especially attached to the Spanish Inquistion
(which i was for Halloween one year). "no one ever expects
the Spanish Inquisition!" My history teacher got mad at me
because I would not stop muttering that when we were
studying the history of Spain. But then when we were
watching movies on medieval Europe and I suddenly look up
and yell "Bring out your dead!" when we see pictures of the
"lovely" town streets people tend to stare at me too. People
stare at me all the time, so I'm used to it. I wonder what
homework i forgot to do tonight. In English we're reading A
Tale Of Two Cities. No one really likes it, but I do. I
think it's just... great. Sydney Carton's my favorite. Lucie
Manette is just too annoyingly perfect (and all that
fainting is just silly) and Charles Darnay is none too
bright with his "Let me waltz into France where they want to
chop my head off and put it on a spike". It's Sydney all the
way. Then he has to go and die. People are always doing that
to me. Everytime I like a character they die. Abbe Faria in
the Count of Monte Cristo. (I love him in the book, but in
the movie when Edmond says "there are 375 stones in these
walls, i have counted them many times." and Faria says "yes,
but have you named them yet?" That's my favorite Abbe Faria
moment!). And then there was that time when i thought
Gandalf was dead. But then I got to the next book and
realizes he lives and I was happy. But that was a scary
couple of days. And then Sydney. Anywhen, I have to go.
School tomorrow and I'm tired.

Ralph the Wonder Llama

"Many that live deserve Death, and some that Die deserve
Life. Can you give it to them? Do not be so eager to deal
out Death in judgement. The Pity of Bilbo may rule the fate
of many." - Gandalf the Gray to Frodo in the Mines of Moria