between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-05-01 01:39:13 (UTC)


dont have much to say today,took my father
n law to the doctors. got an e-mail from the 13
year old sister that i just recently found out
i had and talked with my dying grandmother on
the phone,she said she is hanging in there.and
told me that my dads drinking is way out of
controll and he is being verbally abussive
(that sucks) he should be nic eto his mom.
if he comes here i wont put up with it.thats
all there is to that!thats why i dont care to
be around him and the bond isnt strong enough
to handle him that way i have not spent that much
time with him....ohhh well iam grown now and only
have to do what i want too.....heeee its sad to see
someone mess there life up on alcohol or drugs
life is to short ................

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