2002-02-19 01:28:21 (UTC)

A Quiet February Day

Another quiet day at home. I seldom go back to sleep after
getting John off to work on day shift but I did today. I
slept until 9 a.m. I started on my *to do* list as soon as I
got up and was off and running! It's so much easier to get
started if I have a list of what I need to do in front of me
and can cross off the chores as they're finished.

I did four loads of laundry, made chocolate chip cookies,
and did other small tasks in between these. I also spent a
few hours looking at soome Internet journals and about an
hour chosing fabrics for the Folk Art block and cutting it
the patterns. It's ready to be appliqued. There's about an
hour before dinner and I only have to set the table and put
the bread in the oven to warm it up to finish so I'll use
that time on the Bless This House vase block.

John called late this afternoon to tell me he didn't think
he'd be late tonight. He worked a couple of extra hours
yesterday but chop suey is easy to warm up so it wasn't a
problem. Later, I made some popcorn and we watched the end
of the Indiana Jones movie together. There's another one on

Gavin is at the high school this evening. They're doing a
play and the band is providing the music. This is a dress
rehearsal so I guess they must be close to ready for their
debut. The play is *The Secret Garden*.