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2002-02-19 00:54:14 (UTC)

Things have changed

First off I would like to say I hate liars! Don't lie to
me about shit I am going to find out. I don't understand
it when things have to be so difficult. Why can't things
be simple. Like the truth. How hard is it to tell me
that? Am I a person so horrible that I can't be told
anything? And why bitch about something that you do.
Hypocrites I think that is what you call them these days.
Or nosey bitches. Which is what I would like to call them?
Mind your own business that is all I have to say. Damn can
I not think of one thing nice to say about anything. I
guess I am past the point of being depressed. I am now
getting angry. People walk all over me and I take it.
When should I say something? Should I ignore it all the
time? What should I do? Some thoughts go through my mind
as I picture screaming at them. I can't do that though.
Maybe they are better than I am. maybe they don't care if
they hurt me by saying shroud comments? Maybe everyone is
so busy in their own lives to know that I want to die. And
that I am dying inside. This person who I have become
isn't me. I use to be happy. Has my job consumed me? Or
is it just the person I am supposed to be?

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