Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-02-19 00:52:13 (UTC)

Gini's Party & The Weekend

Gini's party was totally fun! Gini, Coby, Daniel,
Ryan, and I all went to Palace park first and had a really
good time. Coby won, and Ry and I tied for 2nd. I can't
believe we tied. It's fate :) Gini and Daniel almost tied
for last, they were a point apart (placing Daniel in last
place). Daniel and I were both making fun of each other and
trying to beat each other (jokingly, of course), and it
made the game all the more fun. I wanted to beat him with
my club (ugga ugga).
When we got back to the house, Garrett and Laura were
already there and already drunk. Laura's so fucking cute
when she's drunk, she gets these really rosy cheeks :) When
Coby got back with peach schnapps and orange juice for
fuzzy navels, I got so drunk. I added vanilla vodka to my
fuzzy navel, and it was the best drink ever. Ever! I hate
the taste of alcohol, but this was so good. Fuzzy navels
already barely taste like alcohol, they just taste like
some tropical blend of orange juice, so when I added the
vanilla vodka, I had one hell of a potent drink that still
barely tasted like alcohol. If you've ever tried anything
that's flavored orange-vanilla, you'll know that it's
heaven. I'm going to make those at every party. When it
came time to bring out the cake, I could barely walk. Fuzzy
navels are dangerously good, because they taste sweet no
matter how much alcohol you put in. I got very very drunk
and said a lot of things that I should regret but don't. I
told Garrett I was jealous of Murelle because Laura's going
to fall in love with her, and when Daniel asked me if he
should be worried about Laura leaving him for me, I said I
hoped so :) Laura asked me to dance, and I told her
something like it was a dream to dance with her, or
something like that (I was so drunk, I can't even remember
half the things I said). No matter what I said, I had a
really good time. Miriam, Laura, Garrett, Daniel, and I all
had a nice long conversation about 'ball encounters'
and 'twat encounters' (that's a phrase Laura's coined). Of
the latter encounter, Miriam's had 4, Laura's had 2, and of
course I have unfortunately had none. That's only one of
the insane conversations we all had that night...
Ryan and I saw I Am Sam on Saturday, and I cried for 2
straight hours. It was such a good movie. I really cannot
fathom why it's gotten such shitty reviews. Ryan thought it
was pretty good, and he's a tough critic. I started crying
during the John Q preview, and proceeded to cry through the
I Am Sam credits. I must be the most emotional person I
know. IT was embarrassing. Then we went to the bookstore
for last Saturday's performer, and international flautist,
and I bought 2 books- Ordinary People and Dissected By
Frogs. Both are very good books. It's 4:52!!! Only 8
minutes until I go home!