Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-19 00:23:27 (UTC)

Films, And All That Comes With Them.

Well, it transpires I haven't seen a film (in the cinema,
or even a new one to me on video) for about 8 or 9 months
now. Of course, a lot of the releases since then have been
dross, the kind of waste of time and effort I won't bother
to put myself through.

Now, though, there are many I want to see. A quick run down
would be nice, work as a bit of a checklist type thing.
With reasons, too, so I can look back in a month and say.
Yes, I've seen you all.

1. From Hell. This is the most important thing. I didn't
spend all my formative years slaving over texts and images
of Jack The Ripper's London only to miss the Blockbuster my
expertise allow me to (ahem) tear apart. Don't really want
to see Heather Graham's corpse shredded into tiny pieces,
though....(Not Valentine's viewing, though....)

2. Iris. I've mentioned this a lot of late. 2 reasons. A)
Speech problem in character. B) Kate Winslet. With short
hair. (Incidentally, Kate, if you read this diary, give me
a shout. I don't mind ceaselessly promoting you, but at
least let me know you care....wink!)

3. Lord Of The Rings. (A Maybe). Well, I feel I ought to
see it. I read the book a long while back, but I don't know
if I can ever sit through 3 or so hours and remain awake....

4. In The Bedroom. I saw it previewed, and it looked kind
of intriguing. I don't know much about it, except that it
isn't the kind of film the title would suggest.

5. A Beautiful Mind when it opens in the UK. I do enjoy a
tale of a mad genius, and much as I dislike Russell Crowe.
Its his voice, I think. But it does look good.

6. Ali. The greatest. Will the film reflect that? I can
only hope so.

WILT? I Know - The Beta Band (The 3 EPs)

Oh, and I wanna see Heartbreakers on video. For shallow
reasons, you understand.....

Love you all.