My Life
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2002-02-19 00:03:37 (UTC)


Hey it's me Courtney again but n*e* ways like my friend
Randi I too today relized something what do I want this
diary to be about? Well I finally came to a desicion that
too Randi helped me come up with this diary is where I
courtney can write my ideas about stuff and say something
to my friends since I know they will read this that I can't
say to there face. Ok some actual background history on me
is that I have lived in many places From New Hampshire all
to Germany to Mississippi and to now Georgia which we have
managed to live here for 5 years this June so about 4 and a
half years thankfully b/c I don't know if I could move and
leave my bet friends. Today me and my friends went too the
movies to see "crossroads"! For all ya'll who don't know it
is Brittany Spears new movie and suggest everyone to watch
it but, the thing I noticed is that the characters really
appealed to me and my friends as us for instince I thought
I was the Lucy b/c I am very shy most people say and that I
am always the one to plan stuff I really think that my
friends were Emily Mimi not b/c emily I think you will run
off and get pregenant but b/c I think that you would be the
one to suggest to go on a roadtrip b/c you are the exciting
and awesome ideas person funny and outgoing Now I thought
that Kit applied to Randi Only b/c that Randi is kinda
always the one that appears to me that is worried about if
the guy she liked or went out with is or slask was cheating
on her b/c she did that it even says that in her Diary
which bye the way is Nsyncangel333 if you were wondering
you can read it for yourself. So the Characters in the
movie apply to normal everyday people like me and you. Also
Randi I really do think that youu should go for it with
Tyler but if it doesn't work out don't get what's the word
hung up about don't let some silly gradeschool hotty and
crush ruin your life! Bye Ya'll!