2002-02-18 23:18:43 (UTC)

WHAT I AM..............

We didn't have school today because of the holiday. I had
to work though. I'm really thinking about getting a new job
because the people at Zaxby's are getting on my last
nerves. They think they be running game on folks, but not
on this female! The reason I titled this entry "WHAT I AM"
is because I'm sick of people saying what I am....or what
they think me to be. Am I a bitch.....ho....am I stuck
up....am I mean....heartless.....am I trying to be
hard....nonchalant? Why do people care about me when I'm
not the least bit worried about them? If you think I'm a
bitch, then I guess I am. I do act stuck up towards a lot
of people. I'm very mean to ignorant people. I don't show
much emotion, so I guess I am heartless. Do I really act
like I'm hard? Hell yeah, I'm nonchalant. I really don't
care. BUT I'm not a ho! Yeah, I have my share of dudes that
I talk to....keyword: TALK! That's all. I can count on my
hand how many dudes I've kissed. Can you say that about
yourself? I'm sick of hearing people say that they heard I
did this or that. I know what I've done in my past...I
won't deny it....but it's the past....I was just a young'n.
Hell, I'd do it again if I found that special someone. But
I don't have that now, so Jocelyn is not having sex with
anyone. Don't assume anything. I guess people want you to
sugar coat everything for them. I won't do it. If that
makes me a bitch or stuck-up, then please capitalize that
shit when you write it on the bathroom wall...JOCELYN IS A
BITCH. If it seems that I don't care about
anything.....guess what......I don't! I do care about the
things that I know need to be done in order for ME to
succeed. BUT whatever else there is.....I don't want any
parts of it. Gossip....I don't want to hear it. Keep that
he-say/she-say stuff to yourself. It's stupid and it
displays ignorance. If you got a problem with me....let me
know....don't send other folks to tell me. I don't worry
about stupid-ass females that do that because if they
wanted to do something....they come to me with it! I won't
claim to be the baddest chick out there, but I'm damn near
close. I have a lot going for myself. My head is on
straight. I'm above a lot of these females around here. The
only thing that keeps me from being the baddest is that I
haven't reached everything that I'm trying to accomplish.
BUT it won't be long.....believe that! So, what am I? You
can say whatever you want. It just goes in one ear and out
the other.


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