My Real Life Teen Soap Opera
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2000-12-05 02:42:44 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Today I was about..

Dear Diary,
Today I was about thisclose to telling Dillon how I feel
and tell him how much I like him, but he was doing a report
and I totally chickened out and I didn't tell him and he
got off. I talked to Odessa a few minutes ago and she said
that her and Dillon are going out...when I heard that, my
heart broke right in 2...that made me so upset, I almost
cried. I talked to Ryan b/f I talked to Odessa and he said
that I was a wussy for not telling Dillon, b/c he told
Kayla how he feels about her(even though he was stoned at
the time), but that doesn't matter, I should of had enough
balls to tell Dillon how I feel...if I don't do it soon, I
won't ever know how he feels about me...I mean, we went out
2 times b/f...he has to still feel something...right? At
least that is what I'm hoping...I mean...everytime I see
him...i get butterflies in my stomach and i feel like i
have to's like my heart jumps into my throat...I
mean he's not that great to look at(don't get me wrong,
he's cute, for having blue hair and all), but I love him
for him, not his looks and that's a first for me. He is so
sweet, funny, trusting...i could go on forever...that is
why i love him...if he hasn't figured out that i still like
him...there is something wrong w/ him...b/c EVERYONE
knows...kayla, ryan, nicole, jen, erin, broc,
zack...another list i could go on forever w/...i just hope
that he finds out soon and breaks up w/ odessa(i like her,
but she's not meant to be w/ him...I am...ryan even said
and he's a psycho...i mean I hope he's
right) and comes running to me w/ a rose in his hand is
like "I'm so sorry for being so stupid and breaking up w/
u...when i was w/ odessa, i realized how much i missed and
love u...please forgive me and go back out w/ me...I
promise I will never ever hurt u again!" HA! like that
will ever happen...actually it does, but only in my every
dream i have every night of my life...and oh, don't forget
my daydreams too..well, i g/g..i'm getting kinda sleepy :oO
*yawn* :oO good night, sleep tight! :oP

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