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2002-02-18 22:47:16 (UTC)

I'm there.

I never expected in all of my life, my dreams, my goals,
would all come into place.
I finally made it to the man I adore, the only one I would
give all that I could, to keep him forever happy :)
All the hard work..the for month's the long hours at
work..was so worth it, I'd do it again for sure:)
I never knew what happieness was, until now.....
Falling asleep in his arms...after a night of the most
amazing love...Waking up to his touch, knowing we will
never have to be apart again.
I will never miss him again the way I did before.
Never again will I have that feeling of emptyness filling
my heart that once hurt so much.
I have found my place, in this very large world of ours. I
was meant to be here with him in Ontario. So far away from
where I once called home.
I have left behind all the people, and things that I am
used to that made me who I am today. I thank them all...the
good and the bad. Because whatever had happened and
whatever I did, or who I was around made me the woman who
he loves:)
I couldnt ask for anything more than what I have now:) My
new beautiful daughter, and my sweet beautiful
Matt. My life has turnned out to be nothing shorter than
amazing :) I am so proud of very proud:) We took a
chance on a feeling...and it has givin us a life that we
will never regret.

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