AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-02-18 22:46:20 (UTC)

I have RetuRned

Ok I am back. After a very very long break from my
computer. The comp. was kinda busted so it was sent to be
fixed. Well I have so much going on right now. I'll start
with.....I had my Sweet16 and it was spectacular.
Everything was perfect, and I've got lots of photos online
if anyone wants to see em! Anyways.....yeah I got close to
$4000, which was cool. Me and Erin are going to be the Boy
Lacrosse Managers. marisa corey rob and andrew
have been hanging out alot lately. So anyways....Andrew and
Corey are both in love with Marisa. Sean my ex BFF from 8th
grade before he was redistricted to another h.s., that i
was like in love with....along w/ every other girl, just
kinda recently started crushing on me, ALOT. so....i dunno
whats gonna happen w/ that, cuz he barely ever calls me. So
then, there is this guy....and this guy is so sweet and
amazingly smart and i see him play LaX and i'm blown away,
and i like him....but i dont know how he feels, at all. cuz
thats the problem w/ shy guys, u never know. his name is
adam and he gives me tingles. anyways, theres so much more
i could share, time, so i'll continue later,