a little piece of me
2002-02-18 22:42:23 (UTC)

something and nothing

etwas und nichts. ja. ich gern. sorry, been listening to
rammstein, kmfdm, phudys, and wumpscut all day. in a
german mood, if there is such a thing. i feel anxious
again, and for no apparent reason. felt this way when i
woke up this morning. hopefully it goes away soon. today
in metals, i got the other spiderweb cut out and filed.
now all i have to do is sand, cut out the top and bottom,
and rivet it all together. hehe, that's about 20 more
hours worth of work. i'm going to sand the webs tonight
here after class. then, tomorrow, i might skip the art
field trip (don't think it's mandatory), and work on metals
instead for the whole afternoon. doh! still have to do
that damn thing for orn. oh well, i'll do it later.

today in metals, the teacher told me it's coming along
nicely. i had the one web cut out, filed, and sanded on
one side. it's so shiny! i hate to say it, but i do think
it looks pretty good. hehe, i'm sure that will change by
the time i put the damn thing together. i just hope i
don't ruin it. i'm notorious for doing things like that.

got an email from john today. he's thoroughly pissed off
at me. i told him about the whole suicidal thing, and he
was really mad that i didn't talk to him first. he was
pissed because i wasn't even going to say goodbye. well, i
did write him a letter. i can understand him being mad,
but i don't know. doesn't make me feel very good right
now. i deserve that, though, so i can't complain i guess.

damn, i have to leave for class in 20 minutes. it's not
such a bad class, but i have other things i could be doing
instead of sitting in a class for 3 hours listening to some
guy talk about something i already read. blah. so
boring. i can't wait until we read 'the color purple'.
that was one of my favorite movies. makes me cry every
time i watch it. sigh. well, guess i should get my shit
together and get ready to go. i just don't wanna!
alright, bye everyone.