Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-02-18 22:30:09 (UTC)

Warning - New-ish Me. I Like Me Again.

Well, I finally took the plunge. Finally took a break from
the old routine, and I feel all the healthier, the skin all
the tighter for it.

I got up early (as per usual, I enjoyed that. It gives me
the whole day to do as I wish) and walked into town. I did
make two rash purchases, but both things that I (almost)
wanted, so I put them down as self-gifts to the new me.

Into uni about 30 minutes in advance. I paid off Lee's
library fine for him, only £1, but every little helps, and
rented out a few books about Evolutionary Psychology (the
afternoon lecture. Gotta be back by 10.15 tomorrow).

Went into my lecture, stayed alert and awake, though tired
during the mid-session interval, I suppose you get that
when you're working - concentrating. Came home, bathed,
cooked, ate and went to work - to digest these books
entirely as possible by tomorrow morning. Through one now,
hopefully the other by midnight.

Did a bit of work for Phonetics as well, but that was quite

Notice what I've done. I've put effort into my work. Done
things that haven't been fully appealing, but from which I
should be able to reap the rewards for weeks (and hopefully
years) to come. Nothing's worked for definite yet, but I
can hope.

Also, I worry about a friend of mine. She's not e-mailed me
for a couple of days, and I know I'm over-reacting, but she
wasn't well last time I heard from her, so I'll be relieved
to do so again. Hope you're feeling a bit better if you're
reading this.....

And that's all. I hope for a similar report tomorrow. Maybe
a bit more in depth, because I'll be spending more time (I
think) at home, doing things.

WILT? Martha My Dear - (Beatles Cover) World Party.