The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-02-18 22:15:32 (UTC)

if only we could change film mid-roll

It's late afternoon on the Presidents' Day holiday, and I'm
sitting at my computer worried about getting my work done in
yearbook. This last spread is completely my work: the copy
is mine and the pictures are mine. The subject is people's
dreams, that is, things they'd like to do sometime in their
lives, cross-country road trips and the like.

Anyway, the hard part is coming up with photographs that
depict people's dreams. A friend of mine had some excellent
material: he wants to build his own arcade machine using a
fast computer, a TV set, a couple of controllers, and the
MAME arcade emulator. This gave me an idea: why not take a
picture of him in front of an arcade machine? There's a big
arcade in town which would work just fine. Trouble is, I
haven't had any contact with him since Friday.

This is my last spread, and I need to get it done ASAP. The
problem with taking all the pictures myself is that I'm left
with an partially-used roll of film in my camera, and now we
have a shooting assignment in photo. Some pictures I can
get with the digital camera at school, but I don't think the
powers that be will let me take the digicam to the arcade.

Moving on to better news, I managed to find a decent gift
for my mother. Her birthday is coming up quite soon. The
gift probably won't arrive in time, but it's all right to
just say, "It's in the mail," right?

I have no idea where anybody is today. My friends have all
dropped off the face of the earth. Either that, or they're
all working. Even my friends without employment are totally
absent from my field of awareness today, so they may be out
of town for the long weekend.

Whatever the case, I'm sitting here on the computer, typing
away in this journal.

This is Dave, signing off.