The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-02-18 22:02:24 (UTC)

strange days in the dating game

I'm writing my latest article for the school paper on some
of my favorite books. To my knowledge, I'm the only one in
the school who has read any of the books mentioned. I am
presenting them as alternatives to the books we read in our
English classes. Unfortunately, it's hard to poke fun at
the English curriculum without disrespecting some of my
favorites, like "The Great Gatsby."

I've concluded that people at my school take rather strange
approaches to dating and relationships. Not strange like
going cow-tipping on a first date, but more strange in the
sense of, "Wow, what an odd arrangement."

For starters, one girl I know is seeing a guy who's older
than she is. Now that wouldn't be strange, except that her
boyfriend is twenty and she's seventeen. Now I'm assuming
it's quite legal. Still, one has to wonder what her parents
think of it. Ah well, if they're happy with one another,
what else matters, right?

Another girl I know is seeing someone who lives way east of
here, meaning that if they want to go out, one of them has
to drive all over the place. Now the strange aspect is not
the inconvenience they deal with; after all, distance is
secondary to love, right? Rather, it begs one to ask, "How
did they meet when they live that far apart?" My guess: at
some dance club someplace.

Two people I know got together sometime early this school
year, and they are a rather disturbing couple. The two of
them are both kind of weird, and the girl in this situation
seems to have a tendency to overreact emotionally. But I'm
happy for 'em, it's good that they have each other.

And of course, amid all these happy couples, people break up
left and right. Seems like a lot of people don't appreciate
the relationships they're in, but these strange pairings
seems happy. So what's the implication? Only the odd
couples can avoid breakups? Weird stuff, I tell you what.

This entry sucks so hard.