My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-18 21:32:50 (UTC)

Doesn't the world hate Monday's as much as I do?

whoa. not liking THIS day too much.

Morning at about 6:30ish i get out of the shower and call
Kara because we have a game today, and *someone*
(**COUGHJULIANNECOUGH**) forgets to call JUST ME out of
the entire squad to tell me what we're wearing
(skirts/pants/frosh t-shirts) so yeah i have to bother
Kara to see what was going on. but hey at least she
thougth to call me 5 minutes before i leave for school to
tell me. grr... sometimes, i just want to bite her head
off!! but.... i keep myself composed..... but have a
snotty tone of voice (heh heh)but yeah...

then during band 1st hour, i remembered that i had
forgotten to do my English homework (due 4th hour), AND as
well as study for my BIOLOGY test 6th hour (eh, at least i
did have SOME time to study. but i bet i totally bombed
that test, i'm completely serious here. that is SO not
normal for me. oh crapy, crapy day.

THEN before lunch i walk to Sam's locker & we meet up with
Mandy to go to lunch, i asked Sam if she was mad at me
about the survey e-mail too (she Mandy & Ju form a little
group of their own, they're best friends, all of them
are...) she said she kinda was! *this is me thinking, oh
no, here it comes* and then she does her speal on it. i
asked mandy she said a little bit, but not enough to be
MAD, she was just kinda dissapointed. neither are mad at
me now though.

and to top off this peice of junk you call a day, i have
to cheer tonight. i am not happy. oh well... what can you
do, right?

Later Days,

Kara Jo