My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-18 21:13:15 (UTC)

Last Night... grr...

Ju: hey kara...

Me: hey!

Ju: um i just wanted to tell u that the e-mail you sent me
mandy and sam and a bunch of other ppl that under the
friends thing u didnt even list out name so obviously we
arent friends and our feelings were hurt very much by that
so if you are going to do that please dont send it to us

Me: i have a lot more than i listed there, it’s not like
you the only one i didn’t list

Ju: cuz seriously we think of u as a friend so it hurt our
feelings extremely bad when we read that

Ju: well its not that hard to list three names

Me: those are just the people that i usually hang with

Me: tha's all

Ju: and if ur going to send it to us and not even put our
name down don't send

Ju signed off at 8:32:04 p.m.

well i guess i should give you some background, shouldn't
i? ok, i sent out this survey e-mail to my friends, ya
know? one of those where you fill out stuff about
yourself, send it to your friends and they send it back
with stuff about them? yeah, well, one of those. there was
a question that asked "who are your girlfriends?" right?
well i just wrote down "kel, becca, jenna and kara"
because i didn't want to list EVERYONE that i consider a
friend. besides, me hands were tired from typing out that
GINORMUS survey. lol.

then i was on AOL that night and Julianne came up with
THAT (up there) i guess she already had made up what she
wanted to say because she said what she had to say, didn't
give me any time to respond, then got abruptlyy offline.

sometimes i can't believe all the enormously insignificant
things she uses to fight with me. it's insane...

Later Days,

Kara Jo