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2002-02-18 21:10:31 (UTC)


Ha! I finally bought the Rent soundtrack...talk about
overcharging for a cd -- it cost $32, but it was the whole
cast recording -- 43 traacks (the last one features Stevie
It never ceases to amaze me how music is always relateable
(is that a word?) in some sense. I mean, take the Rent
soundtrack. You don't have to be living in Manhattan w/ homosexual
friends and have AIDS and HIV to be able to get
it...you don't have to be living in Bohemia to understand
it...I mean, I don't and I love the music.
I can't listen to music like the BS Boys or NSYNC or
Britney without slightly gagging, but I at least appreciate
it. Sugary-sweet bubblegum pop is not for me. I'll take
Sugarcult or Saves The Day over 98 degrees or Hanson
One thing that pisses me off, though, is how much music is
straying from its roots. Look at bands like NOFX and
Rancid -- they think that's punk? Uh...no. You wanna hear
punk, go d/l the Ramones or the Sex Pistols...even the
Who....not the wannabe punkers these days whose only talent
is whaling on the electric guitar and screaming into a mic.
A lot of girls say that they idolize FrEaKs like Justin
Timberlake and Nick Carter...yeah, okay -- you wanna admire
some ex-Mousekateer, then be my guest. But at least know
who people like Rick Allen are. What band other than Def
Leppard has someone like Rick Allen, who lost his left arm
in 1984 and, against all odds, learned to play the drums
again by rebuilding a drum set specifically for people with
one arm? That's admirable. Not wearing Mouse-ears and
dancing around spelling out Mickey Mouse.
My new song is Sugarcult's "stuck in america." I totally
agree with it -- "every town feels the same/i'm different,
you're distant/add it up and it makes no difference..../new
town with the same old face/one way to shake this place i
can't escape/running just to run away/stuck in america"
yeah, i know, they're a seemingly wannabe punk band, but
their music is hot.
a major thing that makes me mad is that people say a band
isn't a band unless they write all their own music, but
what if you have the voice but not the writing talent? it's
like, people like aretha franklin and diana ross, do you
think they wrote all their music? and do you think that
music today would be the same if it weren't for them?
i guess i can't really be ranting about that, cuz i totally
buy into it -- i don't consider BSB or NSYNC a real band,
but I'm starting to gain a little bit of respect for NSYNC
(gee, how could i have lost any respect i had for them
after hearing the song *giddy up* and lemme tell you --
that song is NOT about a horse), b/c they're writing some
of their own songs...JC Chasez (joshua chasez chasez, wtf
is up with that?) is probably the "popper" i have the most
respected -- he does have talent, particularly in the
studio. His voice isn't the best, but his lyrics and
producing talent is one to be admired, if only a little bit.
speaking of voices, did anyone see Mamma Mia!? That was
awesome -- I got the London cast recording afterwards, such
amazing background and lead vocals! it's so rich!!
...i still have to go see Rent...
back to my topic -- music -- whatever happened to SR-71? i
heard that dan garvin split, and the band decided to break
up for good. pity. they had some good shit, like *alive*
and *politically correct*
also, wes from limp bizkit is leaving? damn! that sucks --
he was awesome!!!
anyway, off I go -- damn homework.

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