What's up now?
2002-02-18 20:34:35 (UTC)


Okay so it's monday....this weekend was soo good!!! I got
to see my baby, I had a really nice time with my family(I
miss them already) and I got to see my friends...Well some
of them...But it was a really good weekend!!! I'm sad to
be back, but thats life, Right? Hopefully Brian can come
up sometime this week...but it looks doubtful...But
maybe!!! So hmmm....I have a huge project, okay so its NOT
huge, its actually quite small, but anyways, we're not
done, not even started...oops!!! Hopefully we'll get on
that tonight..we'll see...I dyed my hair again...Erin
thinks my hair is going to fall out, but it looks oo much
better!! I like it :) I could use another haircut already
though...I'll work on that...Sidenote:I miss erika :) I
wish I could be there to help you through some of the
mess...You better let me know whats up! Another sidenote:
my sister went on a blind date...They may be going out this
weekend, GOOD LUCK COURT!!! My sister and I hung out so
much this weekend, it was awesome! Oh and I talked ot the
people from Interlochen...that was great too!!! I'm
in :) :) Yipppeeee!!!! Okay well I have to go off to
finish up the Monday thats almost done...Wish us luck on
getting this project done :) hehe...